[ovs-discuss] Incorrect/outdated documentation

Dmitry Bogun dbogun at mirantis.com
Thu Jul 18 13:27:31 UTC 2019


I am working on QinQ routing design via OpenFlow and test it on ovs
switches. I have a problem with "inner" VLAN match (match in second table,
when in fist table I do vlan_pop via apply-action).

I have found a meantion into "man 7 ovs-fields" regarding imposibility to
match inner vlan on ovs:

   Multiple VLANs
>        Open vSwitch can match only a single VLAN header. If more than one
> VLAN header is present, then eth_type holds the TPID of the inner VLAN
>  header.  Open  vSwitch
>        stops parsing the packet after the inner TPID, so matching further
> into the packet (e.g. on the inner TCI or L3 fields) is not possible.
>        OpenFlow  only  directly  supports  matching a single VLAN header.
> In OpenFlow 1.1 or later, one OpenFlow table can match on the outermost
> VLAN header and pop it
>        off, and a later OpenFlow table can match on the next outermost
> header. Open vSwitch does not support this.

Also I have found option "other_config:vlan-limit=0" that should make it

Filnily I have managed to "match" inner vlan tag in second OF table. But
info from man page was extremelly confusing and almost forced me to give up
and start search other OF switches for my tests.

PS Please fix documentation.

Dmitry Bogun
Mirantis Inc.
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