[ovs-discuss] Openflow Port Status

S Suresh sureshkumarr.s at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 04:32:33 UTC 2019


Openvswitch Version:  2.9.2
OS : Ubuntu 18.04

I am testing the Openflow Port Status message.

My observations are as follows,
When the port(switch s1, port 1) is down.
(Note: i was expecting only one PORT Status message with PORT DOWN set)
But I have received two OpenFlow Port Status messages.
The first message shows  PORT UP (for S1 , port 1).
Immediately , the second message show PORT DOWN (for S1 , port1).

Is it correct behavior?

I  did the same test in OVS 2.7.8 Version. I received only one PORT Status
message (only the change - PORT DOWN).
So looks like change in behavior in 2.9.2 Version.

Could someone clarify the reason?

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