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Vasu Dasari vdasari at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 01:33:03 UTC 2019


I would like to specify VxLAN header fields in its entirety. That is, would
like to specify following fields of the VxLAN packet:,

Output port: Physical port from which frame needs to leave.
Encapsulated L2 header: Ethernet Source, Destination, Vlan Tag
Encapsulated L3 header: IP source, Ip destination
VxLAN Header: VNI

I see that I can specify L3 and VNI fields using, tun-src, tun-dst, tun-id
I am wondering how would I specify encapsulated L2 header and physical
output port information?

Without specifying L2 information explicitly, OVS will construct the frame
as per the Linux routing, ARP table and interface information.

Consider the following topology, where I would like to encapsulate traffic
between V1 and V2, S1 and S3 are VTEPs here. ARP for S3 would have been
learnt over path P1. But I would like to send tunneled traffic from S1 to
S3 on path P2.

                     |    |
          +--P1 -----+ S2 +----P1----+
          |          |    |          |
          |          +----+          |
          |                          |
        +-+--+                     +-+--+
        |    |                     |    |
V1 +----+ S1 |                     | S3 +------+ V2
        |    |                     |    |
        +-+--+                     +-+--+
          |                          |
          |          +----+          |
          |          |    |          |
          +--P2------+ S4 +-----P2---+
                     |    |

I tried this command, but it did not work. I know it will not be this
simple :)

ovs-ofctl add-flow s1 "table=0,in_port=2 actions=\
        set_field:00:00:01:01:01:01->eth_dst, \
        set_field:00:00:02:02:02:02->eth_src, \
        set_field:5->tun_id, \
        set_field:>tun_src, \
        set_field:>tun_dst, \
        output:1 \

Can someone please help me with this?


*Vasu Dasari*
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