[ovs-discuss] Faster way to load ovs-dpdk or isolation zones ?

Pradeep K.S pradeepks.hpt at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 04:51:22 UTC 2019

I have my management port and as well as data ports on different
ovs-bridges, as ovs-dpdk is the common driver  for all the bridges, If for
some reason ovs-dpdk goes down, i would loose management connectivity to
the the system.

Though ovs-dpdk restarts after crash, in my case I have 2M huge pages and
large system memory(256G), it will take long  time to restart ovs-dpdk as
it maps hugepages, one solution is to move to 1G huge pages,

Any faster way to map hugepages with 2M? (I saw some one presented solution
to this in ovs-dpdk conf,  any plans that might be part of ovs ?)
Is there an isolation mechanisms like management bridges/data bridges run
different instances of ovs dpdk/availability zones or anything like that?

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