[ovs-discuss] Re: [HELP] Question about Performance issues in high concurrency scenarios

Yanqin Wei (Arm Technology China) Yanqin.Wei at arm.com
Thu Mar 14 01:50:49 UTC 2019


There is a interesting topic in Open vSwitch 2018 Fall Conference maybe helpful for you. It shows EMC/SMC behave different performance in high concurrency case.
For your case, SMC may be more helpful.


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    So there are two questions:
    1. Is dpcls lookup More efficiency than EMC?
    2. If I just want to enlarge emc entry num by change EM_FLOW_HASH_SHIFT value, are there any drawbacks ?

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On Tue, Mar 05, 2019 at 03:38:43PM +0800, txfh2007 via discuss wrote:
> Hi everyone:
>      I have test ovs-dpdk PVP performance for several days . And I
>      have found in high concurrency scenarios(eg. 100K mac-ip
>      streams), the ovs-dpdk performance gets significant decline.
>      And one cause of performance decline is the emc entry num
>      limitation, is that right? If I just increase emc entry num,
>      will other problems occur ? Are there any suggession helping to
>      get performance improvement under high concurrency scenarios?

Perhaps you could consider disabling EMC if its size is not enough.

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