[ovs-discuss] ovs-vswitchd crashing after initializing dpdk

Shriroop Joshi (shrirjos) shrirjos at cisco.com
Tue Mar 19 22:50:59 UTC 2019

I am using Open vSwitch 2.9.2 with DPDK 17.11.0

I have only one socket where I am allocating hugepages worth 1024MB (512 * 2MB). Since OVS defaults to 1024MB, I am not settings dpdk-socket-mem explicitly.
I am sure we have 1024MB free memory available. Not sure why is it not able get the memory.


On 3/19/19, 5:01 AM, "Ian Stokes" <ian.stokes at intel.com> wrote:

    On 3/18/2019 9:58 PM, Shriroop Joshi (shrirjos) via discuss wrote:
    > Hi all
    > I am trying to initialize dpdk and while doing that ovs-vswitchd process 
    > crashes with error in log:
    What version of OVS and DPDK are you using?
    > 2019-03-18T13:32:41.112Z|00015|dpdk|ERR|EAL: Can only reserve 270 pages 
    > from 512 requested
    > Current CONFIG_RTE_MAX_MEMSEG=256 is not enough
    > Please either increase it or request less amount of memory.
    > 2019-03-18T13:32:41.112Z|00016|dpdk|ERR|EAL: Cannot init memory
    > 2019-03-18T13:32:41.128Z|00002|daemon_unix|ERR|fork child died before 
    > signaling startup (killed (Aborted))
    > 2019-03-18T13:32:41.128Z|00003|daemon_unix|EMER|could not detach from 
    > foreground session
    > I have allocated 512 hugepages which is reflected in /proc/meminfo. But 
    > it also shows none of them are free even after ovs-vswitchd is in 
    > inactive state.
    Are you passing any socket memory arguments to OVS DPDK?
    If no memory arguments are specified OVS DPDK will request 1024MB per 
    socket detected on the system it's being deployed on. If this memory is 
    not available it will fail to initialize.
    If you wish to use 512MB then you should specify this with something 
    like the following:
    ovs-vsctl --no-wait set Open_vSwitch . other_config:dpdk-socket-mem="512"
    There's more info available in the OVS Docs

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