[ovs-discuss] How to run iperf test among VMs connected to OVS-DPDK

Harsh Gondaliya harshgondaliya_vinodbhai at srmuniv.edu.in
Thu Mar 21 12:33:08 UTC 2019

I have created an OVS bridge with DPDK configuration. I am using OVS 2.5.
I have created two vhostuser ports for my ovs-dpdk bridge. To each
vhostuser port I have connected one KVM-QEMU VM.

My aim is to run an iperf test between two VMs who are connected to
seperate vhostuser ports on same OVS-DPDK bridge.

I am not able to find out how to give static IP address to my bridge such
that it would act as a gateway to both of my VMs? Only then can my two VMs
communicate and the iperf can work. Any idea how can I achieve my aim of
running iperf test?
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