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pei Jikui jkpei at hotmail.com
Mon May 6 06:11:50 UTC 2019

My understanding is that we have a global gre_sys device for all the gre vports. All the traffics will be sent and received by this gre_sys device, based on the different parameters carried in the packets, the packets will further be delivered to different  gre vports.

And this also works for other type of tunnel interfaces such as vxlan_sys genev_sys etc ...

Is my understanding right?


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Much thanks for the help.

What're the scenarios that OVS uses these devices to send and receive the packets?


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On 4/15/2019 2:38 AM, pei Jikui wrote:

During the initialization of ovs, lots of interfaces such as gre_sys,genev_sys,vxlan_sys will be created and could be shown by "ip a".

My question is , why does ovs create these interfaces and how it uses them in which kinds of scenarios?

The Linux kernel has "fully backed" devices for net name spaces.  These are those devices.

- Greg

Much thanks.

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