[ovs-discuss] Question on "Link update" with OVS DPDK Bond

Kiran Vedere kiranv at mellanox.com
Mon May 6 20:26:38 UTC 2019

Hello OVS Team,

I noticed that when a OVS DPDK Bond is configured between 2 DPDK Interfaces, the corresponding PMD Drivers link_update routine is being called heavily compared to when the bond isn't configured. For ex in case of MLX5 we see the link_update called ~50000 times in a 30 sec period. When no bond is configured this routine is rarely called (few 10's maybe). I have noticed the same behavior even with an Intel Adapter. I am just configuring a simple "active backup" bond.

Can someone please provide me a clarification for the reason behind this (maybe this is expected behavior)?

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