[ovs-discuss] TSO Support for OVS-DPDK

Harsh Gondaliya harshgondaliya_vinodbhai at srmuniv.edu.in
Wed May 15 08:05:50 UTC 2019

Dear Team,

Since long I've been figuring out how to enable TSO support is OVS-DPDK

I am trying to perform Inter-VM communication within same host (L2
forwarding). I get significantly less throughput in OVS-DPDK as compared to
OVS bridge for the same arrangement.

I have realised that OVS-DPDK bridge due to its lack of support for TSO is
not able to give high throughput results.

There has been some work done in this regard, but, I am not able to
understand what all config need to done or what patches need to be applied
in order to have TSO support in OVS-DPDK.

Being a beginner with these packages and Linux, may I please get a sort of
detailed description of what can be done to achieve TSO support in OVS-DPDK?
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