[ovs-discuss] one issue in vxlan functionality of the kernel-datapath type of ovs

pei Jikui jkpei at hotmail.com
Sat May 18 10:23:50 UTC 2019


I found one issue in the vxlan functionality in kernel-datapath type of ovs which could be potentially optimize?

For example, there is a machine (A) running ovs with one configured one vxlan interface with tunnel value 123,  then all the vxlan traffics destinate to this machine(A) will be dealt with the ovs.

Although the ovs in machine A only configured with one vxlan tunnel (123), all the vxlan traffics regardless the tunnel value is 123 or not, will be delivered to the vswitchd to do the slow path if there is no flow tables found in the datapath.

This is due to the vxlan configuration such as the configured vxlan tunnel valuse does not exist in the datapath. (There is only one vxlan tunnel with vni value 0 exist in the datapath’s vxlan configuration).

Is this designed intentional or not? If not, should we do some optimization for this? Such as to push the vxlan configurations into datapath and drop the packets in datapath and does not deliver the unwanted packets to userspace?



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