[ovs-discuss] Binding issue between OVN and openvswitch

Frédéric Guihéry frederic.guihery at amossys.fr
Tue Nov 5 11:03:52 UTC 2019


I'm having an issue when playing with kvm + libvirt + ovn + ovs. I've
successfully built a logical switch and logical ports with OVN. On the
hypervisor side, I was able to create an openvswitch bridge named
"br-int", and I've connected two KVM virtual machines to this bridge
with libvirt. When starting the virtual machines, the OVN controller
makes the correct binding between the logical configuration and the
hypervisor bridge/interfaces. I can see it in the ovn-controller log:

  2019-11-04T14:26:48.955Z|13347|binding|INFO|Claiming lport
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000002 for this chassis.
Claiming 02:02:02:02:02:05

Besides, the command "ovn-sbctl list Mac_Binding" shows me the good Mac
binding and "ovn-sbctl show" displays the correct Port binding:

  Port_Binding "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000002"
  Port_Binding "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000003"

Now, when I reset the OVN logical configuration and try to do exactly
the same with another bridge name (let's say "br-int2"), this doesn't
work. I'm also not able to create another bridge name with other mac/IP
configuration for my VM nics. The OVN controller (or maybe vswitchd ?)
doesn't make the binding between the logical configuration and the
hypervisor bridge/interfaces. It seems that I can't use another bridge
name and I'm stucked with "br-int". I've also tried to reinstall the
ovn/ovs packages and deleted the databases (/etc/openvswitch/*), but I'm
still stucked with "br-int".

The context:
- ubuntu 19.04
- libvirt 5.0.0-1
- ovn / openvswitch 2.11.0

Any idea where I could investigate?


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