[ovs-discuss] OVS/OVN docker image for each stable release

aginwala aginwala at asu.edu
Thu Nov 7 21:14:13 UTC 2019

Hi All:

As discussed in the meeting today, we all agreed that it will be a good
idea to push docker images for each new ovs/ovn stable release. Hence, need
help from maintainers Ben/Mark/Justin/Han to address some open action items
as it is more of org/ownership/rights related:

   1. Get new repo created under docker.io with name either ovs/ovn and
   declare it public repo
   2. How about copy-rights for running images for open source projects
   3. Storage: unlimited or some limited GBs
   4. Naming conventions for docker images ;e.g
   openswitch/ovn:2.13.1_debian or openswitch/ovn:2.13.1_rhel. Similar for

Once this is done, we can bundle docker image changes in the same release

Please feel free to add any missing piece.
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