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txfh2007 txfh2007 at aliyun.com
Wed Nov 13 09:00:08 UTC 2019

Hi Darrell:
    I have set burst size 2 times of rate(e.g. if rate is 1Gbps, then burst is 2Gbps). and have tried different rate value. the result is as below:
meter rate/iperf test result:   1G / 800M
meter rate/iperf test result:   500M / 420M
meter rate/iperf test result:   200M / 172M
meter rate/iperf test result:   100M / 95M
meter rate/iperf test result:    50M / 45M
meter rate/iperf test result:    10M / 9M
    It seems if rate is lower, the test result is more accurate, but for rate above 200M , the actual rate limit result is not as expected.


:Re: [ovs-discuss] Re:Re: [HELP] Question about icmp pkt marked Invalid by userspace conntrack

Hi Timo

On Sun, Nov 10, 2019 at 11:58 PM txfh2007 <txfh2007 at aliyun.com> wrote:

Hi Darrell:

    I have tried to manual set flow table and meter action, to arrange meter action at the end of the flow pipeline(just before the output action), and delete conntrack related actions. But the iperf result is also around 800Mbps(meter rate is 1Gbps as below).
    Should I print any message to verify that userspace meter works as expected ?

ovs-ofctl dump-meters br-int -O openflow13
OFPST_METER_CONFIG reply (OF1.3) (xid=0x2):
meter=1 kbps burst stats bands=
type=drop rate=1000000 burst_size=1200000

 ovs-appctl dpif/dump-flows br-int
recirc_id(0),in_port(5),packet_type(ns=0,id=0),eth_type(0x0800),ipv4(frag=no), packets:570308, bytes:817648729, used:0.191s, flags:SP., actions:meter(0),3
recirc_id(0),in_port(3),packet_type(ns=0,id=0),eth_type(0x0800),ipv4(frag=no), packets:291956, bytes:19551792, used:0.191s, flags:SP., actions:5

Just to recap here:

The test is sending b/w 2 VMs attached to the same host.

Now you are rechecking the base case of the test by removing the conntrack rules and are applying a meter rule in one direction only.
However, the same problem is observed where 0.8 Gbps is seen vs 1 Gbps meter setting
Without meter, you can get 5 Gbps.

1/ To investigate, try explicitly setting the burst size high to take burstiness out as a factor.
2/ Also try other meter rates which might help see where the issue is.




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:Re: [ovs-discuss] Re:Re: [HELP] Question about icmp pkt marked Invalid by userspace conntrack

Hi Timo

On Wed, Nov 6, 2019 at 9:37 PM txfh2007 <txfh2007 at aliyun.com> wrote:

Hi Darrell:
    Sorry, I forgot to tell you the attached flow is based on VM tx direction rate limit. So the datapath action order is conntrack -> meter -> forward decision -> output, For the  VM rx direction rate limit, the datapath flow is as below, please help to check, thank you!

For both directions, I think you want to apply the flow meter at the end of the pipeline.
Can you do that and then check the numbers again.

   Also, for the same flow table and meter configuration, the kernel datapath rate limit is more accurate than userspace datapath.  
For VM rx direction rate limit:

ct_state(-new+est-rel-rpl-inv+trk),ct_label(0/0x1),recirc_id(0x29),in_port(5),packet_type(ns=0,id=0),eth(src=fa:16:3e:33:02:d8,dst=fa:16:3e:12:d7:77),eth_type(0x0800),ipv4(dst=,proto=6,frag=no),tcp_flags(ack), packets:1031455, bytes:1481163900, used:0.149s, flags:., actions:ct(zone=4),recirc(0x2a)

ct_state(-new+est-rel-rpl-inv+trk),ct_label(0/0x1),recirc_id(0x2a),in_port(5),packet_type(ns=0,id=0),eth(src=fa:16:3e:33:02:d8,dst=fa:16:3e:12:d7:77),eth_type(0x0800),ipv4(src=,dst=,proto=6,frag=no), packets:1685180, bytes:2415638857, used:0.118s, flags:P., actions:meter(1),6

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