[ovs-discuss] OVS-bridges Troubleshooting

aeris aeris at ytechteam.com
Wed Nov 13 12:02:33 UTC 2019


I'm new here, so sorry if i missed something or writing to wrong maillist

A bit of foreword -

We had an installation of ovs in our cloud environment and faced 
networking issue with vms at random time, but mostly 3-7 minutes after 
reboot(it just stops answering on every request(typical ICMP) during 
time from a few seconds to a few minutes)

Our internal network for such kind of requests looks like this -

Physical-switch-->linux bond-->ovs-bridge1-->ovs-bridge2-->ovs-bridge3-->VM

With ovs-tcpdump i found that there is two-sided communication on link 
to VM and between ovs-bridge1 and linux-bond, but only one-sided 
communication(only icmp-replies/requests depending on from which side 
ping was issued) on link between ovs-bridge2 and ovs-bridge3 and no 
packet on any other interface.

So, actually, my main question is - what instruments do u use when 
troubleshooting such issues, which I in turn can use in my 
implementation. And did you faced similar problems in your environments?

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