[ovs-discuss] ./boot.sh is not working for me

Pele, Liat (Nokia - IL/Kfar Sava) liat.pele at nokia.com
Wed Nov 20 14:06:38 UTC 2019

My name is Liat Pele. I am a developer in Nokia IL
I am trying to test a POC with OVS and would like to change some of its code.

I did git clone :
  git clone https://github.com/openvswitch/ovs.git
and then tried:
But got
./boot.sh: line 2: autoreconf: command not found

Any idea?



[root at bcmt-controller-0 ~/OVS_code/ovs]# ./boot.sh
./boot.sh: line 2: autoreconf: command not found
[root at bcmt-controller-0 ~/OVS_code/ovs]# cat boot.sh
#! /bin/sh
autoreconf --install --force
[root at bcmt-controller-0 ~/OVS_code/ovs]# ls
acinclude.m4  boot.sh       CONTRIBUTING.rst  debian         ipsec    m4               manpages.mk  ofproto  python      selinux      tutorial     Vagrantfile-FreeBSD  windows
appveyor.yml  build-aux     datapath          Documentation  lib      MAINTAINERS.rst  NEWS         ovsdb    README.rst  tests        utilities    vswitchd             xenserver
AUTHORS.rst   configure.ac  datapath-windows  include        LICENSE  Makefile.am      NOTICE       poc      rhel        third-party  Vagrantfile  vtep

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