[ovs-discuss] ./boot.sh is not working for me

Pele, Liat (Nokia - IL/Kfar Sava) liat.pele at nokia.com
Thu Nov 21 14:22:20 UTC 2019


It works for me !!!


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Subject: Re: [ovs-discuss] ./boot.sh is not working for me

Please install these packages, refers to ovs doc
sudo apt-get install gcc gcc-multilib make autoconf automake libtool openssl libssl-dev python libnuma-dev -y
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Subject: Re: [ovs-discuss] ./boot.sh is not working for me

On Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 02:06:38PM +0000, Pele, Liat (Nokia - IL/Kfar Sava) wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is Liat Pele. I am a developer in Nokia IL
> I am trying to test a POC with OVS and would like to change some of its code.
> I did git clone :
>   git clone https://github.com/openvswitch/ovs.git
> and then tried:
> ./boot.sh
> But got
> ./boot.sh: line 2: autoreconf: command not found

Read Documentation/intro/install/general.rst.  It lists the build
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