[ovs-discuss] OVSDB Managers vs. ovsdb-server

Matan Rosenberg matan129 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 09:54:13 UTC 2019

Hey all,

I'm tying to understand what ovsdb managers actually do.

Say that I have two OVS hosts, each with its own ovs-vswitchd and
Both OVS hosts are logically related, and I want to control them from a
single, central location.

In the datapath plane, I can set-controller on all bridges on both OVS
hosts to the same OpenFlow controller, and thus achieve central management.

In the management plane, I don't see how I can add/remove/manipulate
bridges on both OVS hosts from the same location, since each OVS host has
its own ovsdb-server.
(In my use case, I happen to add/remove bridges quite frequently).

Of course, I can just issue two ovs-vctl command with different DB each
time, but this isn't a vert scalable approach, and it also has severe
consistency drawbacks, since the network topology is held in two places.
This is in direct contrast from the datapath plane, because I can actually
write an OpenFlow controller that determines the correct rules from, say,
an application DB (not ovsdb!).

I've stumbled upon the ovs-vsctl set-manager command, which, from what I
can see, can be used in conjunction with something like an OpenDaylight
OVSDB Manager.
If so, can a single OVSDB manager manage both OVS hosts?
And if so, what part does the local ovsdb-server play, if the network
topology is held with the OVSDB manager? Do I still actually need it, or
can ovs-vswitchd just directly query the manager?

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