[ovs-discuss] GRE with link-local remote_ip: "not a valid IPv6 address"

Sven Gebauer mail at sgebauer.net
Mon Sep 2 13:49:08 UTC 2019

Am 28.08.19 um 19:26 schrieb Ben Pfaff:
> On Tue, Aug 27, 2019 at 12:09:14PM +0200, Sven Gebauer wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm trying to create a GRE tunnel with an IPv6 link-local address as the
>> remote_ip. According to the changelog, this should be supported since
>> v2.8.0. However...
> IPv6 link-local addresses are supported for use in contexts where OVS is
> creating a socket, most notably for connections to controllers.  In
> other contexts, there's nowhere for OVS to put the scope, so it can't
> support it.  In this case, the kernel flow structure doesn't have a
> scope in it, so there's nothing that userspace OVS can do about it.  If
> this feature were to be added, it would require adding the scope
> (probably in multiple places) to that kernel flow structure, which would
> probably be difficult for reasons of backward compatibility and
> coordination with (and justification to) the kernel network stack
> developers.

Ah, i see. Thank you!

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