[ovs-discuss] TSO changes with OVS-DPDK for higher throughput

Obrembski, MichalX michalx.obrembski at intel.com
Fri Sep 13 09:59:17 UTC 2019

FYI, I have also created a patchsets with rebased TSO and MBuf patches  on recent master.
It also contains some fixes to tests.
Please have a look at ovs-dev mailing list:

Michal Obrembski

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Subject: Re: [ovs-discuss] TSO changes with OVS-DPDK for higher throughput

Hi Ian,

In May this year, through mailing list you had sent me pointers to patches to enable Multi-Segment mbuf & TSO. Yes, the patches apply to the adb3f0b ("python: Avoid flake8 warning for unused variables.") commit. It took me some time to figure out that DPDK 18.11.2 stable version needs to be used for this version of OvS code.

I have just created a repository https://github.com/harshgondaliya/ovs-dpdk-with-tso having a patched version of OvS code and the compatible DPDK package. It includes a  wiki that explains in detail ― how to setup OvS-DPDK bridge, how to configure VMs to connect to OvS-DPDK bridge. It will help new users like me to get started quickly with using OvS-DPDK for Inter-VM communication.

Thanks. Regards,
Harsh Gondaliya

On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 6:22 PM Ian Stokes <ian.stokes at intel.com<mailto:ian.stokes at intel.com>> wrote:
On 6/25/2019 12:30 PM, Murali Veluru wrote:
> Thank Ian Stokes,
> It is very helpful for us. I was trying to apply these patches on
> openvswitch-2.11.1 repository, it was failing.
> Some of the files are not found.
> Could you, please let me know suitable version of ovs, where these
> patches will get apply successfully.

Hi Murali,

the commit these patches can be applied to are listed in the cover
letter for the patchsets.

I believe you want to check out the following commit from the ovs master
branch (this commit was pre 2.11 release)

adb3f0b ("python: Avoid flake8 warning for unused variables.")

You should then be able to apply the mutliseg patchset on top of this
commit (Multiseg is a pre-requirement for enabling TSO, see link below)


Once these are applied you should be able to apply the TSO enablement
patchset then (see link below).


When using the commit as outlined above do these apply for you?

> Along with which  version of DPDK need to use for compilation?
> Regards
> Murali
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> *Subject:* Re: [ovs-discuss] TSO changes with OVS-DPDK for higher
> throughput
> On 6/24/2019 1:03 PM, Murali Veluru wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I am testing ovs-dpdk performance test with the help of IPERF.
>> I created VM using qemu command.
>> I assigned IP to VM and other device IP is (Dev2). I
>> am able to ping and able to run IPERF.
>> It is giving average output ~3.5G form VM to DEV2 on 10G physical
>> interface. form DEV2 to VM it is 5.7G throughput.
>> I used below version.
>> DPDK: dpdk-18.11.1.tar.xz
>> OVS: openvswitch-2.11.1
>>  From Intel document I found TSO changes but it was for 2.6 version.
>> somehow I managed to apply on openvswitch-2.11.1 file.
>> With TSO disable I am able to do ssh other IP address of DEV2. After
>> enable TSO with the help of qemu command IPERF and SSH is getting hanged.
>> https://mail.openvswitch.org/pipermail/ovs-dev/2018-August/350834.html
>> Is openvswitch-2.11.1 supports TSO enable by default?
> Hi,
> TSO is not available in OVS 2.11. There were patches submitted for that
> release but unfortunately it did not make it upstream due to some
> regression performance concerns for non TSO usecases. Intel is currently
> planning to review rework the patchset to address the issues and will be
> releasing a new patchset in the coming months.
> In the mean time if you wish to test TSO with the previous patchset that
> was available you can follow the mails and patches outlined in the
> following link (it was related to a similar question)
> https://mail.openvswitch.org/pipermail/ovs-discuss/2019-May/048671.html
> It's complete with documentation on setup and usage so should be able to
> get you going.
> Regards
> Ian
>> Is any patch availble for openvswitch-2.11.1 for TSO changes?
>> Is qemu related changes are required for TSO enable?
>> I used below changes using qemu command.
>> csum=on,gso=on,host_tso4=on,host_tso6=on,host_ecn=on,host_ufo=on,guest_tso4=on,guest_csum=on,guest_tso6=on,guest_ecn=on,guest_ufo=on
>> Thaks lot.
>> Regards
>> Murali
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