[ovs-discuss] Interroperability between openvswitch and linux

Benjamin benjamin.reis at vates.fr
Fri Sep 20 07:37:02 UTC 2019


I talk about  tunnels from one machine to another.
I guess I do something wrong in the configuration then.

I'll keep investigating, any tip would be greatly appreciated. :)

Le 19/09/2019 à 17:03, Ben Pfaff a écrit :
> On Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 07:56:04AM +0000, Benjamin wrote:
>> Is it possible to create a GRE tunnel between an openvswitch bridge and
>> a linux bridge?
>> I'm trying to but as for now I've failed.
> Are you talking about a loopback tunnel where both endpoints are on the
> same machine?  I know that that does not necessarily work regardless of
> whether it's OVS or the Linux bridge because of bugs or weaknesses in
> the Linux TCP/IP stack.
> If you're talking about tunnels from one machine to another, that should
> work.

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