[ovs-discuss] [OVN] ovn-northd HA

Tony Liu tonyliu0592 at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 2 00:54:58 UTC 2020

When I restore 4096 LS, 4354 LSP, 256 LR and 256 LRP, (I clean up
all DBs before restore.) it takes a few seconds to restore the nb-db.
But onv-northd takes forever to update sb-db.

I changed sb-db election timer from 1s to 10s. Then it takes just a
few minutes for sb-db to get fully synced.

How does that sb-db leader switch affect such sync?



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> Hi,
> I have a few questions about ovn-northd HA.
> Does the lock for active ovn-northd have to be acquired from the leader
> of sb-db?
> If ovn-northd didn't acquire the lock, it becomes standby. Does it keep
> trying to acquire the lock, or wait for notification, or monitor the
> active ovn-northd?
> If it keeps trying, what's the period?
> Say the active ovn-northd is down, the connection to sb-db is down, sb-
> db releases the lock, so another ovn-northd can acquire it.
> Is that correct?
> When sb-db is busy, the connection from ovn-northd is dropped. Not sure
> from which side it's dropped. And that triggers active ovn-northd switch.
> Is that right?
> In case that sb-db leader switchs, is that going to cause active ovn-
> northd switch as well?
> For whatever reason, in case active ovn-northd switches, is the new
> active ovn-northd going to continue the work left by the previous leader,
> or start all over again?
> Thanks!
> Tony
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