[ovs-discuss] OVN charter

Ben Pfaff blp at ovn.org
Fri Jan 17 00:18:15 UTC 2020

There was some question in the OVN meeting last week (and in the
conference at the end of last year) regarding whether OVN had been
chartered and, if so, where was the charter.

I went through my email archive and, in the end, I was not entirely
sure.  I emailed Mike Dolan at Linux Foundation to check and he helped
me out quickly with a reference to the email where it was finalized and
a copy of the final charter.  The new LF Collaborative Project was
created on Nov. 4.  I'm attaching its charter to this email.

Some may feel that steps were skipped in the process.  I think that you
are right about that.  Some of that is my fault.  I apologize.  However,
the question is now, what should we do about it?  Are there significant
changes that we want to make to the charter and, if some, what are they?


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