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mkobus mkobus at o2.pl
Fri Jan 17 14:15:48 UTC 2020

Thanks a lot Numan!   I did some research on ovsdbapp and found:  www.flaviof.com www.flaviof.com  which allowed me to write fully working script.  
        Dnia 16 stycznia 2020 17:00 Numan Siddique <numans at ovn.org> napisał(a):
         On Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 6:26 PM mkobus <mkobus at o2.pl> wrote: 
 Hi MailingList! 
 I'm trying to write Python script using OVS library to fetch DB content and print all current bridges, ports and interfaces. Following snippet shows what I deduced so far from examples found in  mail.openvswitch.org mail.openvswitch.org 
 import ovs.db.idl 
 import ovs.poller 
 SCHEMA_PATH = "/usr/share/openvswitch/vswitc 
 SOCKET_PATH = 'punix:/run/openvswitch/db.soc 
 schema_helper = ovs.db.idl.SchemaHelper(SCHEMA 
     "Bridge", ["name", "ports"] 
     "Port", ["name", "interfaces"] 
     "Interface", [] 
 idl = ovs.db.idl.Idl(SOCKET_PATH, schema_helper) 
 while not idl.run(): 
     poller = ovs.poller.Poller() 
     print('Seqno value {}'.format(idl.change_seqno)) 
 As I understand idl.run() should return `True` after DB content was fetched. In my case this loop is infinite - seqno doesn't change. There is no error though. 
 I checked listing OVS resources using cli for version: 
 Seems to me you are doing something wrong. 
 You can refer this file 
 github.com github.com 
 which tests the OVS python idl code. 
 There is this ovsdbapp python library which internally uses the ovs 
 python idl if you are interested to look into - 
 github.com github.com 
 ovs-vsctl (Open vSwitch) 2.9.5 
 DB Schema 7.15.1 
 and those commands worked perfectly fine. 
 Has anyone encountered similar issue? 
 discuss mailing list 
  discuss at openvswitch.org 
 mail.openvswitch.org mail.openvswitch.org
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