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John Lang john.x.lang at oracle.com
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Thanks Numan.  I was sure I tried domain_name, but your right.


Do you have any suggestions on how difficult it would be to implement reverse DNS lookup?


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On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 12:35 AM John Lang <HYPERLINK "mailto:john.x.lang at oracle.com"john.x.lang at oracle.com> wrote:

I think I know the answers to these, but there are some enhancement requests and bugs that seem to indicate otherwise.


If OVN can’t answer a DNS request, does the pipeline forward it on the another DNS server?  How is that server address set?  Though the DHCP options?


Yes. If OVN can't anwer it resumes the packet pipeline. So if there are any other DNS servers, they should get the packet.


Does OVN currently support Reverse DNS lookup (ie. Asking what FQN is assigned to an IP address)?


No. It doesn't.


Is the DHCP domain-name (DHCP option 15) supported by OVN nb?


Yes. It is. Please see https://www.ovn.org/support/dist-docs/ovn-nb.5.html and grep for "options : domain_name" 



I think the answer to all of these are No, but I just wanted to make sure.


For (1) and (3), the answer is Yes.  






John Lang

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