[ovs-discuss] DP_Packet Payload Modification

Luca Mancini luca.mancini at outlook.com
Fri Jun 5 19:47:56 UTC 2020

Hi Ben,
I thought controllers didn’t have access to the complete packet but just the (packet_in msgs), so I was told to implement this in the switches and use the controller just as the “brain”.
I’d much rather work on a controller to be honest, however, do you not think its doable at all in OVS?



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On Fri, Jun 05, 2020 at 05:56:54PM +0000, Luca Mancini wrote:
> Basically, I’m implementing a custom action which is meant to buffer
> an x amount of dp_packets that match a certain flow, and then send a
> new packet directly from the switch, containing the buffer of packets,
> as its payload. At some other switch this payload is then meant to be
> extracted so that I can retrieve the buffer of dp_packets and send the
> single packets contained in the buffer to the correct hosts.
> My action is implemented in userspace only for now since efficiency
> isn’t a concern for me atm. I already implemented the buffering
> mechanism and it works, and now I’m trying to create this custom udp
> packet so that I can store the buffer in it. For now I’m only trying
> to create a dummy udp packet with a “hello world” string as its
> payload just to see if I can create this custom packet however I just
> can’t figure out what I’m missing. My most recent attempt is the
> following

I'd use a local controller for this. Then you don't have to implement
anything in OVS at all.

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