[ovs-discuss] Dynamic routing protocol

Numan Siddique numans at ovn.org
Thu Jun 11 11:01:51 UTC 2020

On Thu, Jun 11, 2020 at 4:14 PM Brendan Doyle <brendan.doyle at oracle.com>

> Hi,
> Are there any plans to support a dynamic routing protocol such as OSPF
> in OVN?
> Currently if I have multiple Logical Routers connected to a "backbone"
> switch
> and I want to route between networks attached to those routers I have to
> add
> manually add static routes. It would be great if there was a routing
> protocol
> where routes could be learned.


I don't think there  are any plans for that as there was no requirement as

If you plan to work on it, patches are welcome :).


> Brendan.
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