[ovs-discuss] Question concerning GRE-encapsulated traffic *in* OpenStack provider VLAN network

Loschwitz,Martin Gerhard Martin.Loschwitz at drei.com
Fri Jun 26 10:10:47 UTC 2020


I’m contacting you to find out if a behaviour I see is expected behaviour or actual misdemeanour in Open vSwitch and/or OVN. I have an OpenStack setup here that uses OVN. I have configured several VLAN-based provider networks. What I want to do is use a GRE-tunnel *inside* one of these VLAN networks. On the target compute node, I see that traffic enters the physical host but is not forwarded to the bridge to which the VM is connected. I can see that the flows for that are missing in the flow table.

I fully understand that OVN supports Geneve only, but in this case, I want my *tenants* to be able to use GRE encapsulation in a provider network. Is this supposed to work and this is either a bug or a misconfiguration? And if it is not expected to work, what are possible alternatives?

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Best regards

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