[ovs-discuss] [OVN] Multiple localnet ports on a single Logical Switch

Ben Pfaff blp at ovn.org
Thu Mar 5 20:21:05 UTC 2020

On Wed, Mar 04, 2020 at 04:01:22PM +0100, Daniel Alvarez Sanchez wrote:
> As a possible alternative, we could support multiple localnet ports on the
> same Logical Switch. In the first place, we can assume that on a particular
> hypervisor, we're not going to have ports bound to multiple segments (ie.
> on hv1 only ports on segment1 will be present, on hv2 only ports on
> segment2 will be present and so on...). This way, ovn-controller can create
> the patch-port to the provider bridge based on the local bridge-mappings
> configuration on each hypervisor and the rest of the localnet ports will
> have no effect.

I don't see a big problem with this.

If you implement it, be sure to update the documentation, since there
are multiple places that talk about LSes with localnet ports having only
two LSPs total.

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