[ovs-discuss] [OVN] Support for QoS on Floating IP

Maciej Jozefczyk mjozefcz at redhat.com
Fri Mar 6 14:36:35 UTC 2020


In Openstack Neutron we can configure QoS in a few different places:
1) QoS on port
2) QoS on Gateway (gateway port)
3) QoS on Floating IP

For both 1) and 2) we can easily define a qos row in QoS table and create
proper match action, like:

# ovn-nbctl list qos
_uuid               : 42aa1074-ad2e-4d3c-abf8-c2dceb1169f9
action              : {}
bandwidth           : {burst=3000, rate=3000}
direction           : from-lport
external_ids        : {}
match               : "inport == \"015aa2ca-6d18-4d0e-96e5-91d44dc1a398\""
priority            : 2002

That will be applied on OVS as a OpenFlow Meter.

For 3) - Is it possible to apply meter action on Floating IP?
By Floating IP I mean NAT with dnat_and_snap type, like:

# ovn-nbctl find NAT type=dnat_and_snat
_uuid               : faf6cba8-d923-4a80-a262-4346232cba2d
external_ip         : ""
external_mac        : "fa:16:3e:94:8e:89"
logical_ip          : ""
logical_port        : "755413fa-fd8d-4e4f-bcdb-bd9e69b12268"
type                : dnat_and_snat

There is use-case, when we want to shape traffic to/from provider_network,
but not in tenant network. We could define QoS for Gateway Chassis
Logical_Router_Port, but we want each VM to have his own N/S traffic

Can we somehow combine meters with NATs?


Best regards,
Maciej Józefczyk
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