[ovs-discuss] check_pkt_larger precision

Miroslav Kubiczek miroslav.kubiczek at adaptivemobile.com
Fri May 29 08:54:48 UTC 2020

Hi, I have finally implemented flows with check_pkt_larger action. 
Partial flow dump is here:table=0, priority=100 
actions=check_pkt_larger(60)->NXM_NX_REG0[0],resubmit(,1) table=1, 
priority=1000,reg0=0x1 actions=resubmit(,2) table=1, priority=100,reg0=0 
actions=resubmit(,3) I run a test which sends UDP packets (with VLAN) 
with size: 58, 59, 62, 63 and 69 in a loop. Only the packet with 69 
match the action (1st line in table=1). In 2nd test I set check_pkt_larger  just by one byte less to 59 and then all the above packets match. So the precision seems to be rounded to 8 bytes or something like that.
Can this be fixed to be more precise ideally to exact 1 byte?



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