[ovs-discuss] [ovn] non-maskable OVS meta-flow fields not correctly handled

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Thu Nov 12 09:45:42 UTC 2020

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your answer.

Ben Pfaff:
> On Thu, Nov 05, 2020 at 12:39:38PM +0000, ythomas1.ext at orange.com wrote:
> > I’m currently working on OVN to add MPLS logical fields (such as
> > 'mpls_label', 'mpls_bos') to support BGP/MPLS technology.
> >
> > As indicated in 'mf_field' struct in meta-flow.h, most OVS meta-flow
> > fields have n_bytes * 8 == n_bits size but there are few exceptions
> > such as 'mpls_label', 'mpls_bos', etc…
> >
> > In OVN case, when calling 'mf_mask_subfield' method from meta-flow.c,
> > for example for 'mpls_label' OVS meta-flow field which has 20 useful
> > bits over 32 bits, the 'mask' value parsed in OVN is set to 0xffff00ff
> > (which seems correct).
> OVN doesn't use that function much.  I see one use in constrain_match().

I agree with the fact that there is only one use in constrain_match(), but this call to mf_mask_subfield() is used to set Openflow matches, converted from the OVN matches expression.

> I don't understand where 0xffff00ff comes from.  The mask should not be
> discontiguous like that.

Sorry for the confusion, the actual value once in network byte order, has indeed only consecutive 1s (0x000fffff).

> > The problem is that in 'mf_set' method, 'mpls_label' OVS meta-flow
> > field is supposed to only have a NULL, all-1-bits or all-0-bits 'mask'
> > value to be set, as shown below:
> [...]
> > However, as mentioned in 'mf_set' method comment, “The caller is
> > responsible for ensuring that 'match' meets 'mf''s prerequisites”.
> >
> > So, since the 'mpls_label' OVS meta-flow field is indicated as not
> > maskable in meta-flow.h, shouldn't OVN ensure that 'mask' is set to
> > NULL when calling 'mf_mask_subfield' ?
> The mask isn't a prerequisite.  The prerequisite for mpls_label is that
> the flow is an MPLS flow, that is, it has an MPLS ethertype.  See
> mf_are_prereqs_ok().

The issue does not indeed seem to be related to these prereqs.

As shown in the following traces, we can see that mpls_label and mpls_bos fields are ignored in mf_set(). Their mask not being NULL or all-1-bits or all-0-bits, we are falling in the switch case where they are not handled (https://github.com/openvswitch/ovs/blob/master/lib/meta-flow.c#L2328).

2020-11-10T16:05:50.821Z|00192|lflow|INFO|CONSIDER_LOGICAL_FLOW -> OVN match to translate: mpls && mpls.bos == 1 && mpls.label == 18
2020-11-10T16:05:50.821Z|00193|meta_flow|INFO|MF_MASK_SUBFIELD -> Value [0x00008847] and mask [0x0000ffff] to copy to match
2020-11-10T16:05:50.821Z|00194|meta_flow|INFO|MF_MASK_SUBFIELD -> Updated match: mpls
2020-11-10T16:05:50.821Z|00195|meta_flow|INFO|MF_MASK_SUBFIELD -> Value [0x00000001] and mask [0x00000001] to copy to match
2020-11-10T16:05:50.821Z|00196|meta_flow|INFO|MF_SET -> mf_field [mpls_bos] value and mask not set, returning OFPUTIL_P_NONE
2020-11-10T16:05:50.821Z|00197|meta_flow|INFO|MF_MASK_SUBFIELD -> Updated match: mpls
2020-11-10T16:05:50.821Z|00198|meta_flow|INFO|MF_MASK_SUBFIELD -> Value [0x00000012] and mask [0x000fffff] to copy to match
2020-11-10T16:05:50.821Z|00199|meta_flow|INFO|MF_SET -> mf_field [mpls_label] value and mask not set, returning OFPUTIL_P_NONE
2020-11-10T16:05:50.821Z|00200|meta_flow|INFO|MF_MASK_SUBFIELD -> Updated match: mpls

So what should be the fix ? Should OVN ensure that the mask be set to all zeroes or all ones when calling mf_mask_subfield, or should mf_set be adjusted (e.g. treat mpls fields as 'a nontrivial mask' (to quote https://github.com/openvswitch/ovs/blob/master/lib/meta-flow.c#L2324 ) after introducing suitable match_set_mpls_label_masked/match_set_mpls_bos_masked/match_set_mpls_tc_masked/match_set_mpls_ttl_masked functions) ?

Best regards,



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