[ovs-discuss] Connecting a container deployed by Kubernetes to an OVN switch

Brendan Doyle brendan.doyle at oracle.com
Thu Oct 1 10:43:25 UTC 2020


So in my OVN work to date I add VMs deployed by libvert/KVM to my OVN 
network. Libvert takes care of
the veth and external_ids:iface-id plumbing on the OVS br-int and I just 
use the Libvert interference Id
as the LS port name.

So now I want to connect a a container deployed by Kubernetes to the 
same OVN switch. The k8 pod
just has this single container that is not talking to any other k8 
containers. Oh and the CNI for the
k8 cluster is Flannel. Essentially I'm treating the container as a light 
weight VM and using k8s for HA.

So I'm trying to figure out how do do this, or if it is even possible, 
and am looking for some pointers.

What I have at the moment is that perhaps I can "unhook" the container 
from the flannel network, and
connected it to my OVN network. I.e find the veth that is attached to 
the flannel cni0 bridge, unattached it
and attach it to an ovc br-int bridge on the k8 node hosting the pod. 
Then update the ovs bridge external_ids:iface-id
with the name of the veth. And then configure the IP, mac etc of the 
eth0 in the container to be consistent with my OVN
network. Not sure if that would work, or maybe I create a new veth pair 
and add one end to the br-int and
the other to the container netns?

Has anybody else done something like this

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