[ovs-discuss] vhost communication between virtio drivers in vms

Steve Roberts robers97 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 20:34:48 UTC 2020

I'm trying to achieve communication across an OVS switch between to VMs
connected together via an ovs bridge.  I was able to do this with a ovs
bridge with to generic libvirt 'network' types.  I'm failing to replicate
using DPDK vhost.

In libvirt 'network' scenario vnet[0,1] ports are added to the bridge that
also has a port for the physical NIC on the system.  The switch defaults to
its L2 function and I can access the system's IP addresses.

In the DPDK vhost scenario, the client server connections get made, but the
host running the switch doesn't put the ports on the IP stack.  I haven't
been able to route a packet between the VMs.  Do I need to create "flows"
to mimic a single wire type of connection?  I don't need L2 function, but I
did think it might be possible to move IP packets through DPDK.  Any
pointers appreciated.

[root at cn03 openvswitch]# ovs-vsctl show
    Bridge br0
        Port br0
            Interface br0
                type: internal
        Port vnet1
            Interface vnet1
        Port vnet0
            Interface vnet0
        Port enP5p1s0f0
            Interface enP5p1s0f0
    Bridge ovs-br0
        datapath_type: netdev
        Port dpdkvhostclient0
            Interface dpdkvhostclient0
                type: dpdkvhostuserclient
        Port dpdkvhostclient1
            Interface dpdkvhostclient1
                type: dpdkvhostuserclient
        Port ovs-br0
            Interface ovs-br0
                type: internal
    ovs_version: "2.13.1"
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