[ovs-discuss] IPv6 ND or RD message with MAC address than that doesn't exist on any interface in a small (GNS3) testbed.

brad73435 Smith brad73435 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 02:24:20 UTC 2020

I'm new to OpenVswitch. I am using OVS in a GNS3 environment as a part of
work on an OpenFlow controller module. I am running OVS v. 2.12.0.

I'm seeing IPv6 Router Discovery and Neighbor Discovery packets being sent
from OVS ports with MAC addresses that do not show on any of the ports on
the switch (or any other device in the GNS3 configuration). To be clear,
the first port these frames appear on is when they are received on by a
switch on a port connected to another switch.

I've looked at everything I can (remembering I'm new to OVS) using
ovs-vsctl and ovs-ofctl, and can't find these MAC addresses anywhere.

Does anyone have an idea on where these frames might be coming from?

Many thanks!
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