[ovs-discuss] 答复: [ovn] Can we use LB for distributed router?

Guoyong guoyongxhzhf at h3c.com
Thu Oct 29 02:03:02 UTC 2020

Hi, Thanks. But I am still confused by section Logical_Router TABLE in http://www.openvswitch.org/support/dist-docs/ovn-nb.5.html

It tells that
       load_balancer: set of Load_Balancers
              Load  balance  a  virtual ip address to a set of logical port ip
              addresses. Load balancer rules only work on the Gateway routers.

On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 4:42 PM Guoyong <guoyongxhzhf at h3c.com> wrote:
> I heard a comment that we cannot use LB for distributed router. Is it true?

You can associate a load balancer to a distrubuted logical router.

If you want to load balance a floating ip/external ip to OVN internal IPs, then the distributed router should have a gateway router port so that DNAT on the LB VIP is done on the gateway chassis which has claimed the gateway router port.


> https://blog.spinhirne.com/posts/an-introduction-to-ovn/the-ovn-load-b
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