[ovs-discuss] Port_Group Address_Set not created as described in ovn-nb.5

Brendan Doyle brendan.doyle at oracle.com
Fri Sep 4 17:09:43 UTC 2020

Hi Folks,

 From ovn-nb.5.....


     For  each  port  group, there are two address sets generated to the*A**d**‐ d**r**e**s**s**_**S**e**t*  table of the*O**V**N**_**S**o**u**t**h**b**o**u**n**d*  database, containing the  IP  ad‐
     dresses  of  the  group of ports, one for IPv4, and the other for IPv6,
     with*n**a**m**e*  being the*n**a**m**e*  of the*P**o**r**t**_**G**r**o**u**p*  followed by  a  suffix*_**i**p**4*
     for  IPv4  and*_**i**p**6*  for IPv6



#ovn-nbctl create Port_Group name=pg1 ports="269089c4-9464-41ec-9f63-6b3804b34b07"
#ovn-nbctl list Port_Group pg1
_uuid               : 9179730b-efa0-459b-b54d-fa7328bf4886
acls                : []
external_ids        : {}
name                : pg1
ports               : []

#ovn-nbctl list Address_set pg1_ip4
ovn-nbctl: no row "pg1_ip4" in table Address_Set

Is this a bug in the docs or code?


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