[ovs-discuss] Port Groups to add a port to a Port Group

Brendan Doyle brendan.doyle at oracle.com
Mon Sep 7 19:05:02 UTC 2020

So the ovn-nbctl Port Group commands are:

pg-add group [port]

But this is not great if I create a Port Group, and then later want to  
add a new Logical Switch Port to the Group.
I have to find the uuid of the port then use Database commands to add 
it. So If I create Port_Group pg_vcn2_net1_sl1
with one port:

#ovn-nbctl pg-add pg_vcn2_net1_sl1 ce78fd2b-4c68-428c-baf1-71718e7f3871

To add a second port I think I have to do something like this:

#ovn-nbctl lsp-list ls_vcn2 | grep 06e85cca-867a-44fc-b2c1-be62f2fb06c0  
| awk '{ print $1 }'

#ovn-nbctl add Port_Group pg_vcn2_net1_sl1 ports 

#ovn-nbctl --if-exists get Port_Group pg_vcn2_net1_sl1 ports
[36e248df-077d-469a-8904-a5eb36d9b5ef, 9bb12b5d-8af5-444a-a885-410efe63143f]

It would be really nice if either

a) There were an 'ovn-nbctl pg-add-port group [port]' cmd to amend ports 
to the Port Group


b) The Database command could take port names not uuids

Or am I missing something?


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