[ovs-discuss] Configuration persistance from DB accross reboots on debian?

Schuldei, Andreas andreas.schuldei at th-luebeck.de
Thu Sep 10 19:57:13 UTC 2020

Hi, newbie here.

I find in various articles online that openvswitch has a database and the configuration there is persistent accross reboots. But when I reboot (debian buster 10.5) the configuration is lost.

In the README.Debian i find that configuration is made persistent via configuration in /etc/network/interfaces ... however I use systemd networking and i want to make use of the openvswitch documentation that makes use of ovs-vsctl commands all the time and i dont want to figure out how to transscribe that into debian network configuration file syntax.

How can I use the db persistence of openvswitch?

I googled and read the ovs-discuss archive but didnt find a straight answer. Some initfile was mentioned that i could not find as part of the debian packages - just debians /etc/init.d/openvswitch-switch file.
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