[ovs-discuss] About the performance of ct nat

a***** albertxie_0304 at 163.com
Fri Sep 11 07:25:50 UTC 2020

Hi, all

Why is conntrack always needed query here?

int ovs_ct_execute(struct net *net, struct sk_buff *skb,
   struct sw_flow_key *key,
   const struct ovs_conntrack_info *info)

if (info->commit)
err = ovs_ct_commit(net, key, info, skb);
err = ovs_ct_lookup(net, key, info, skb);


I compare the performance of ct nat and learn nat, the performance of ct nat is not very satisfactory!

After the nat connection is established, I try to manually add a rule to bypass the query conntrack, and then the performance will increase.


Any feedback is very much appreciated :)
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