[ovs-discuss] [ovn] Duplicated ARP replies from all gateway chassis when sending ARP who-has for IP address of the gateway port

Krzysztof Klimonda kklimonda at syntaxhighlighted.com
Fri Sep 11 18:26:00 UTC 2020


I'm testing openstack ussuri deployment with ovn ml2 driver (versions at the end of the email) and seeing an unexpected behavior when sending ARP requests. for IP address of the gateway port configured on the router. from "outside" of OVN network: when I attach a subnet to the router, and send ARP request for router's gateway IP (by pinging it) I receive ARP replies from all chassis, and not only the active one. 

I've already reproduced it with numans on #openstwitch, so sending an email here to have a reference later if needed.

I've tested it with the following versions:

ovn: 20.06.2
openvswitch: 2.13.0
neutron: 16.1.0

Best Regards,

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