[ovs-discuss] Routing Flows by Dest IP through OVS to Specific Docker Containers

Jared Smith jared at jaredsmith.io
Sun Sep 13 19:55:12 UTC 2020

I am trying to achieve the following setup with OVS, Faucet, and Docker

I have an external SDN switch that has added flow rules to route traffic
from Physical Device A to my box with OVS, Faucet, and Docker. Physical
Device A (let's say is normally talking to Physical Device B
and C, with let's say IPs and However, now that I
have forwarded the traffic from Physical Device A to my OVS Box, I would
like to achieve the following: inbound traffic from Physical Device A has
its normal traffic bound for Physical Device B ( and Physical
Device C ( forwarded into an interface on the OVS box. I then
want to bridge that physical interface with OVS over to two different
docker containers that are essentially emulating Physical Device B and C as
container B and C.

Device A can poll Devices B and C on any port, so the OVS bridge, faucet,
and Docker need to be able to pass traffic based on the destination IP to
the correct Docker container. I need this whole setup to be reconfigurable
for arbitrary devices that are being emulated, so at any time I could spin
up new docker containers and need to configure routing to work

I have been trying for a couple of days on and off to get this to work, but
am coming up short. I have tried several different faucet configurations,
the ovs-docker script (with some modifications to add the `ofport_request`
argument to `set interface`), and read through the documentation. At this
point, I just need some general guidance as to what things I need to do to
get this to work, and then I can figure out the technical specifics. Any
help is appreciated, which may help me figure it out faster.

- Jared
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