[ovs-discuss] Is there an easy way to list OVS ports by type?

Wittling, Mark (CCI-Atlanta) Mark.Wittling at cox.com
Tue Sep 22 17:59:54 UTC 2020

I have some bash scripts that allow you to do “port plumbing” – like adding dpdk PCI ports to bridges, vhost ports (it asks you whether it is client or server mode and sets sockets up accordingly).

I keep forgetting to set the flows up between the PCI ports and the vhost ports – and I wanted to make my script a little smarter such that it would list the DPDK PCI ports (on your DPDK bridge of choice) and ask you which one you wanted to use for your vhost ports.

I do see that you can dump your ovs-vsctl output into json and get busy parsing, but aside of this, does anyone know of a quick/easy way of just simply listing interfaces by TYPE?

i.e. list all interfaces of type dpdk?

Such that I can grep the name out, and / or the PCI address and present them to the user in my script?

If I have to get into the json business, I guess I will, but was looking for something a bit more simple than that.

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