[ovs-discuss] Why does VXLAN tunnel need to wait for a long time to work normally in OVS DPDK?

Yi Yang (杨燚)-云服务集团 yangyi01 at inspur.com
Wed Jan 20 00:53:13 UTC 2021

Hi, folks


I noticed ping from local IP to remote IP of VXLAN port can’t work immediately after OVS DPDK is started and VXLAN port is created, sometimes it needs to wait for more than 1 minute,  I found ARP request triggered by ping and ARP request sent by ovs itself can’t be responded timely, once ping side received ARP reply, it can work, moreover, I can’t see dpdk port received ARP request, obviously ARP request is intercepted by ovs and treated specially, otherwise it impossibly received ARP reply.  It wouldn’t have effect on it even if I added arp entry by “ovs-appctl tnl/arp/set BRIDGE IP MAC”.


Anybody can help explain why, what happened? How can I fix this?

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