[ovs-discuss] change configuration of VLAN access port

Matthias Waehlisch m.waehlisch at fu-berlin.de
Wed Jan 20 16:25:49 UTC 2021


  i'm wondering how to change the VLAN setting of an access-port 
without deleting the port.

  when i already added a port to a switch (ovs-vsctl add-port ...), and 
and want to change the VLAN setting via "ovs-vsctl add-port ..." (e.g., 
to change the VLAN the port is assigned to), i get an error message that 
ovs-vsctl: cannot create a port xyz because a port named xyz exists on 
bridge br0.

  i can execute "ovs-vsctl set PORT_NAME tag=10" but then all Ethernet 
frames are tagged.


ps: if this is not the right list, any hint where to ask is highly 

Matthias Waehlisch
.  Freie Universitaet Berlin, Computer Science
.. http://www.cs.fu-berlin.de/~waehl

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