[ovs-discuss] Action "mod_nw_tos:<tos>" for OPENFLOW13

LIU Yulong liuyulong.xa at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 07:13:13 UTC 2021

Hi there,

Recently, I tested OpenStack Neutron with DSCP marking functions. But, I
met some errors related to the action "mod_nw_tos:<tos>", the command line
input is:

ovs-ofctl add-flow -O OpenFlow13 br-int

The error output is:
ovs-ofctl: none of the usable flow formats (NXM+table_id) is among the
allowed flow formats (OXM-OpenFlow13)
Action "mod_nw_tos:<tos>" is causing the error here.

So, I would ask which action for OPENFLOW13 is to do same work of
"mod_nw_tos:<tos>" for OPENFLOW10? These is no doc mentioned such action

LIU Yulong
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