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Apostolis Prassas apoprassas94 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 17:39:21 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,

First of all, I am new it this mailing list, and I would like to apologize
if there is already a relative thread. I have searched for it, but I did
not find anything similar.

So, to start with which is my goal. While I'm using an SDN controller
(Ryu), I'm sending an Experimenter message ( specifically an
ExperimenterStatsRequest message) to the open vswitch, and I would like the
switch to decode it and reply with a respective (ExperimenterStatsReply)

Following the Documentation, I have already added these two new messages
into *enum ofpraw* structure (ofp-msgs.h) like:
/* OFPST 1.3+ (65535): struct ofp_prop_experimenter. */

/* OFPST 1.3+ (65535): struct ofp_prop_experimenter. */

and into the *enum ofptype *structure (ofp-msgs.h)


After that, I compiled the source code and a debugging process followed,
where I achieved no errors/warnings.
Actually, was needed to add the type of these messages into the below files:

However, when I tested my "new" code, the result was the same as with the
original code, that is, the switch cannot recognize the type of the message
and returns a message like "OFPBRC_BAD_EXPERIMENTER" or

I continued the debugging and I found that the problem has to do with the
hashing (HMAP_FOR_EACH_WITH_HASH) into the *ofpraw_from_ofphdrs() *function
of the ofp-msgs.c file. However, I have stacked to this point and I would
like to ask if there is anyone who could help or give me directions on how
to continue.

Thanks in advance,
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