[ovs-discuss] OFPFC_DELETE and OFPFC_DELETE_STRICT commands don't delete openflow rules

Alejandro Llorens Carrodeguas alejandro.llorens at entel.upc.edu
Thu Jul 15 10:50:50 UTC 2021


Thanks for your quick response. 

In order to clarify our use case, I share the method that should delete the
flows according to certain outport match.
Our scenario is formed by a Ryu Controller (version 4.34) and an OVS switch
(version 2.15.90) that interconnect several machines. Both applications
(controller and OVS switch) run in the same VM with Ubuntu Server 18.04. Our
idea is to delete the existing OpenFlow rules associated to a given a port
that connects a failed host. 
As you can see in the method to delete the flows, we save the information
port in a dictionary called host_ovsports where the keys are the host id and
the values are the OVS ports. Thus, the controller can know the port that
connects a given host. 

def del_flow():
        Delete specific flows taking into account a matching outport
        outport = host_ovsports[host_id]
         ofproto = switch_datapath.ofproto
         parser = switch_datapath.ofproto_parser
         cmd = ofproto.OFPFC_DELETE
         match = parser.OFPMatch()
         mod = parser.OFPFlowMod(datapath= switch_datapath,
table_id=ofproto.OFPTT_ALL, command=cmd, out_port=outport)

I also attach a simplified topology of our use case and what we want to do.
If you need more information let me know.
We are having a similar problem to the one described in the following link:

They are trying to delete a flow based on the priority and we want to do it
by taking into account the outport. 

Thank in advance.


Alejandro Llorens

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Subject: Re: [ovs-discuss] OFPFC_DELETE and OFPFC_DELETE_STRICT commands
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On Wed, Jul 14, 2021 at 06:34:46PM +0200, Alejandro Llorens Carrodeguas
> We’re having trouble deleting OpenFlow rules using the OFPFC_DELETE or 
> OFPFC_DELETE_STRICT commands that send a Ryu controller to the OVS switch.

Thanks for the report.

So far, you've just told us that these commands don't work for your case.  I
can assure you that they do work in the cases we know about.
So, we will need an example or a way to reproduce the problem.  The easiest
you make it for us, the easier it will be to understand the problem you're
seeing and either explain why your expectations are wrong or to fix the

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