[ovs-discuss] Layer2 tunnel that will transport vlan tagging and arp and broadcast propagation

Oliver Dzombic info at layer7.net
Thu Jul 15 17:36:10 UTC 2021


i am trying to interconnect two datacenterlocations.

The goal is, that IP networks, that are available (means routed) at
datacenter A should be also available on datacenter B.

Like for example:

In datacenter A we have available:

And a server will configure for example:

ip addr add dev eth0

since is routed at datacenter A, everone who pings
will reach this server.


In datacenter B we have: available

Also here a server will configure an IP from that IP space.


Now i want create a tunnel between datacenter A and B.

The goal shall be, that servers in datacenter A can use IPs from
datacenter B.

So if in datacenter B a server will add:

ip addr add dev eth0

It should be available to everyone.


So far, i tried my luck with ipip ( via ip command ) or gre or vxlan
tunnels via openvswitch.

The tunnels work fine.

The problem is, that no arp is relayed. So i can reach only the IPs that
i actually added on the server that created the tunnels.

But there is no arp propagation / broadcasting that is done.

I was not able to find informations how to solve this problem.

Does anyone have an idea howto solve that ?

Thank you!

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Best regards

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