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Ammad Syed syedammad83 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 06:26:45 UTC 2021


I am using ovn with openstack and using geneve tunnel as an overlay. I have
two compute nodes and I am trying to test network performance via iperf3
between VMs.

I have configured 9000 on tunnel interface and VM has 1500 mtu. The network
performance with 1500mtu is 3.5Gbps with --bidir switch and with 8942 I am
having 7.5Gbps with --bidir between VMs on different compute hosts. I am
net using dpdk and or any other offloading.

I have checked ovs-dpctl stats.

Node01# ovs-dpctl show
system at ovs-system:
  lookups: hit:24147954 missed:294831 lost:4
  flows: 21
  masks: hit:161013147 total:4 hit/pkt:6.59
  port 0: ovs-system (internal)
  port 1: br-int (internal)
  port 2: tapeee623a9-24
  port 3: tap18ca5a79-10
  port 4: br-vlan (internal)
  port 5: bond0
  port 6: genev_sys_6081 (geneve: packet_type=ptap)
  port 8: tap0181d519-c0
  port 9: tap630cd3eb-61

Node02# ovs-dpctl show
system at ovs-system:
  lookups: hit:23287526 missed:1140779 lost:5
  flows: 19
  masks: hit:196158405 total:11 hit/pkt:8.03
  port 0: ovs-system (internal)
  port 1: br-int (internal)
  port 2: br-vlan (internal)
  port 3: bond0
  port 4: genev_sys_6081 (geneve: packet_type=ptap)
  port 5: tap58e445c4-75
  port 6: tap0181d519-c0

Are above stats ok or do I need to perform any other tuning on kernel or at
ovs level ?

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